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A pregnancy quiz is valuable for several reasons. Sexually active women can become pregnant at any given time. Although contraception is effective, these are no fool proof methods. Sadly, many young women engage in sexual intercourse without fully comprehending the consequences. Some fall prey to pregnancy myths. These might include beliefs that it is impossible to get pregnant the first time and so forth. A pregnancy quiz is intended to clear misconceptions. By completing a pregnancy quiz, young girls and adult women can differentiate truth from fiction.

Pregnancy quizzes are also effective with determining the likelihood of pregnancy. For the most part, some home pregnancy tests are unable to detect the pregnancy hormone at early stages. Thus, women who suspect they are pregnant may have to wait a few weeks before taking a test. On the other hand, online pregnancy quizzes can calculate the chance of conception. To begin, women must enter their age, the average number of days between their periods, the first day of their last period, and the day of suspected conception. Based on this information, a pregnancy quiz will reveal the odds of conception. The results will either calm nerves or create a panic.

A pregnancy quiz also provides revealing information about teen sexuality. These quizzes are ideal for teenagers and their parents. They include a variety of true/false and multiple choice questions pertaining to the percentage of teenagers engaging in sexual activity, methods of protecting oneself against pregnancy, and the chances of becoming pregnant without using contraception. Sadly, many young girls and women are blind to the facts. A pregnancy quiz is one of the best tools for enhancing ones awareness of sex and pregnancy. It is estimated that approximately 35 percent of girls in this country will become pregnant before the age of 20. Thus, it is vital that all young women test their knowledge.

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