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A food safety quiz is ideal for both children and adults. Many people underestimate the importance of food safety. Nonetheless, it should be taken very seriously. Each year, millions of people become ill with food relate illnesses. This includes hepatitis, salmonella poisoning, food poisoning, and E. coli. Most food related illnesses are preventable if only people would adhere to a few food safety guidelines. Sadly, many people are unfamiliar with the proper and improper way to prepare food. A food safety quiz is great for testing our knowledge, and discovering areas that need improvement.

People who are employed in the food industry are generally required to pass a food safety quiz before they can begin working. These quizzes ask questions such as, which bacteria causes food-borne illnesses? What water temperature kills harmful bacteria? Should food be immediately refrigerated after cooking? Restaurants are subjected to random inspections by a food inspector. These persons inspect the kitchen areas and dining area for cleanliness. Moreover, they ensure that managers and employees are adhering to basic food safety procedures. A food safety quiz also includes questions pertaining to washing hands, and wearing gloves when preparing foods.

Parents may find a food safety quiz beneficial. Furthermore, parents may encourage their children to complete a food safety quiz for kids. The best part about these quizzes is that the correct answers are given at the end of the test. Quizzes include a variety of questions – true/false, multiple choice, etc. Typical questions include, what should you do after touching raw meat? Is eating raw cookie dough safe? What is a safe method for defrosting meats? You may be surprised by the correct answers. Once an answer for each question is selected, the quiz tallies the score and provides the correct answer. Furthermore, food safety quizzes explain each answer.

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