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Candy is a favorite treat among adults and children. Because everyone enjoys these sugary treats, they are often included in holiday and birthday gift baskets. The checkout line at local grocery stores is especially tempting as shoppers are surrounded by a wide selection of candy. Those who are candy fanatics may enjoy completing a candy quiz. Candy quizzes are found online, and include a series of questions testing ones knowledge of candy. Some questions are serious in nature, whereas others are for pure entertainment. Candy quizzes are also common on nutritional and food websites.

The main purpose of a candy quiz is to test how much a person knows about these tasty treats. Although sugar is necessary for a healthy diet, consuming too much sugar is harmful. Children are prone to eat too much sugary candy. This results in high energy levels and obesity. Taking a candy quiz for health purposes is recommended for parents and children. How many pounds of candy does each person eat a year? Which holiday has the highest candy sales? Which candy bar has the least amount of calories? These are typical questions included on a candy quiz. Candy quizzes also ask personal questions so each person can evaluate their own candy consumption.

Candy quizzes are also lighthearted in nature. For example, candy lovers can take a quiz that involves naming a candy bar. Candy bars are split in half. While viewing the cross section of the candy bar, which will include the candy bar's ingredients (caramel, peanuts, chocolate, coconut, etc), game players identify the candy bar pictured. Playful candy quizzes even analyze a person's candy style. Upon answering a series of questions pertaining to an individual's personality, the quiz will identify a candy that best fits their character. Candy quizzes are amusing and a cool way to fight boredom.

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